Corey + Taylor

Marietta, ga

        This wedding is one that is so special and so unique for me, for multiple reasons. First off, the bride is one of my very best friends and old roommate, so of COURSE this wedding is special to me! Secondly, I was the photographer...AND a bridesmaid! Most of you are probably thinking " is that possible?!" Well, I thought the same thing when Taylor first threw the idea out there. But we made it work! How, you ask? By my amazing, talented, life-saver of a second shooter, Cori Carter, who was the real MVP of the day. She covered all of the moments that I was a part of and couldn't photograph (and killed it, I might add)...she even covered some of the reception for me so that I could have some fun with my friends and hubby :). Huge shout out to Cori for helping me out, allowing me to enjoy the day! And shout out to Taylor and Corey for being so laid back through the whole thing, always making sure I was enjoying the day and not stressing out.

        These two. What do I even say?!  No words can express my love and excitement for them. I have watched Taylor and Corey's love for one another flourish over the past four years, and have looked forward to this day for so long. What a beautiful thing it is to witness your friend becoming one with the love of her life...AND getting to photograph it! Taylor exuded pure joy on her wedding day; she was calm, peaceful, radiating beauty and grace, and full of excitement. Their wedding was absolutely perfect for them, full of their personality ("Lord of the Rings" and "Lost" references infused throughout the day), beauty, laughs, and genuine love for one another. Held in the back yard of Corey's family's house, we all slipped around through the mud, sipping on Coca-Cola and scarfing down The Varsity in our mud covered dresses, dancing the night away.  I am beyond honored that they both trusted me enough to be a bridesmaid and photographer, so thank you, Taylor and Corey, for taking a chance on me! Love you both to pieces and have loved watching your journey unfold!