Denver In Home Session // Josh + Kelly


Denver, CO

Josh and Kelly are two of my dearest friends from college who so graciously let me crash at their place and eat all of their food every time I’m in Denver. During my last trip to Colorado, I pitched the idea of doing a little in-home session with them. This is Josh and Kelly’s first home that they’ve purchased AND they recently renovated the entire thing…by themselves! I thought an in home session would be a sweet way to remember this season of life that they are in. Plus, it’s the least I could do for them for letting me always stay with them! They both agreed to my idea, so we did the session one morning when the light was shining brightly into the house. Their sweet pup Nala had a liiiiittle bit of FOMO during the shoot and made sure her presence was known the entire time…which was hilarious. I love love love these sweet friends of mine and I’m so thankful for them! ALSOOOO, Kelly is an interior designer and she designed their entire place! You should check her and her business partner out at Woven Interiors because they are the best and you won’t regret it.