Vintage Convertible Engagement // Cori + Justin


Ball Ground, GA

I cannot express how OBSESSED I am with this session and these two humans. Cori is the little sister of one of my best friends AND she and Justin actually did video for my wedding! So, when she reached out to me about photographing their wedding, I was SO SO excited.

Justin's dad collects vintage cars and Cori told me that they wanted to incorporate some of the cars into their session. Heck. Yes. Since the cars can't really pick up speed, we were limited to the Ball Ground area for their shoot. We basically just hopped in the car and started driving, which are my favorite kind of shoots! So spontaneous and fun.

We started in the neighborhood with the bright blue convertible, paired with Cori + Justin's funky style and sunglasses. The sun was harsh at this point, which was a fun challenge for me. After that, we dropped off the convertible and picked up a different car. As we were driving, we looked to our left to find the most gorgeous field with the quintessential golden hour light. Of course we pulled over for that! We ended the session at an old, vintage gas station...I mean, could we have found a more perfect spot with that car?! The sun was almost gone at this point, so we shot for a bit and then got creative. We used the headlights + lights in the car as the light source instead of the sun, and I honestly think those photos are my favorite from the entire day. Shooting those photos was so different and unique, which pushed me as an artist. I love when I get opportunities to think outside of the box and get creative!

Cori + Justin's session seriously brought so much life to my soul. It was so fun to have so many different types of lighting and scenery to play with in one session. This day refreshed me as an artist and I seriously had the best time adventuring around Ball Ground with these two!