Death Valley, California Engagement // Neave + Kyle


Zabriskie Point

I met up with Neave + Kyle in Death Valley National Park for a sweet little couples session a few months back. This was my first trip to Death Valley, and aside from my research, I really had no idea what to expect! I researched tons of locations in the park and had the hardest time choosing which place I wanted to shoot at...there were so many! I finally decided on Zabriskie Point. And it did NOT disappoint.

Neave and I decided on a meeting spot in the park and just hoped we would both make it there without cell service (spoiler alert--we did!). When I arrived at the park, I hopped out of my car at the visitor's center, only to be hit with a rush of HEAT. It was about 100 degrees that day (hence the name "Death Valley"). 

After I met up with Neave + Kyle, we drove over to Zabriskie Point. We opened our doors and were immediately hit with the craziest wind I have EVER experienced! There were points in the shoot where we would literally have to stop and brace ourselves so the wind wouldn't blow us over. It was wild! These two were troopers and laughed their way through the session because it was so crazy! I'm a sucker for some wind blown hair, and I deeeefinitely got it with this session! ;)

This is one of my favorite sessions I've ever done, and I'm excited to share with you guys!

Fun fact: if this place looks familiar, it's because parts of Star Wars was filmed in this park! So cool!