Industrial Engine Room Wedding // Nicole + Trey


Monroe, GA

I had the honor of getting to know these high school sweethearts a little bit when Nicole and I met up for coffee a few months before the wedding. She told me about their story, what they do, and their vision for their wedding day. After leaving that coffee date, I knew that these two were incredible people and I was SO excited for their day!

Fast forward to November, when the wedding day finally arrived. Nicole and Trey chose The Engine Room for their venue, which is one of my FAVORITE Georgia venues. As I spent time with them throughout the day, it was obvious that my instincts were correct about them being incredible people. Nicole and Trey are two of the kindest people and they both have hearts of GOLD. Their love for one another, their families, and their friends was so so evident throughout their day. You can tell how deeply they care for the people in their lives and it was honestly so inspiring to witness.

One of the best moments from the day was when Nicole and Trey were getting ready for their first look, and I told Nicole, “Okay, when you walk up to Trey, just tap him on the back and he will know to turn around.” To which she responded, “Oh, I’m not tapping him on the back…I’m grabbing his butt!” BEST. MOMENT. EVER. It was so them and so fun.

I know I say this every time, but it truly was an honor to be a part of this day. Every wedding that I shoot, I find so much joy in the fact that I get to capture such a momentous day in my couple’s lives.