Alabama Hills Engagement // Mariko + Aaron


Alabama Hills, CA

Mariko + Aaron reached out to me on Instagram and asked if I'd be willing to come out to California for their engagement session in the Alabama Hills. I think I was in shock for a few minutes because I've always wanted to visit Alabama Hills! After chatting for a bit, we had it all planned it out and I was STOKED. I flew out there one weekend in May and met up with them near Lone Pine, CA for their session! We started at the base of the Alabama Hills, where the climate was warm and desert like. Fun fact that I learned: a ton of western movies are actually filmed in this area! After shooting at the base of the mountains, we hopped in our cars and I followed them 30 minutes up the mountain to a campsite (It was quite the terrifying drive up the mountain...winding roads, no cell service, BIG drop offs ;) ). When we got to the top, it was 42 degrees, we were surrounded by gigantic pines, and there were snow flurries! It was so crazy to see such a vast difference in climates, just 30 minutes apart.

We took some photos in the pines before we adventured over to a beautiful open meadow. It had been overcast all day and we were kind of bummed that we weren't getting a sunset. Well, right when got down to the meadow, THE SUN CAME OUT! It was perfect.

I loved adventuring with these two in a place that is so special to them both. They are SO fun to be around and the sweetest ever. Mariko even texted me after I left the mountain to make sure I made it to my airbnb safely--what a sweetheart! I am forever grateful that they chose me for this adventure!