Kirkwood Atlanta Engagement Session // Baxter + Christine


Meet Baxter and Christine. About 11 years ago, when I was 17 years old, I went on a trip to Jordan that changed my life forever. On this trip, I met Baxter. Not only did we experience one of the most impactful trips of our lives together, but we also found out that our fathers went to high school together AND that we are (very) distantly related. Weird, right?! Well, fast forward until last December, when I got an e-mail from Baxter asking me to photograph his wedding! I haven’t talked to him in years, aside from the occasional social media “hello" and it I got SO thrilled when I saw his name pop up in my inbox. The best part though? It was his fiance, Christine, who found me! She didn’t even know that Baxter and I knew each other, which was so cool! She had actually typed out an e-mail to me before everyone made the connection! Not only that, but the e-mail she initially sent to me brought me to tears (ask my husband. It’s true). She talked to me about what drew them to my photography: the warmth in my photos, my non traditional approach to posing, the feeling I capture and so on. While all of these thing were so encouraging, the thing that meant the most to me was when she mentioned how important it was for them to find a photographer who has photographed people of different backgrounds and finds the beauty in all cultures and people groups. I know that sounds simple, but it spoke VOLUMES to me. I strive for inclusivity and diversity to be represented in my work, and quite frankly, I sometimes feel like I do a poor job at it. But it’s always been my heart for as long as I can remember. So when Christine spoke specifically to something that holds so much meaning in my heart, I lost it (in the best way possible). I felt a deep connection with her, regardless of the fact that we had never met. I could go on and on about these two, how we got connected, and how amazing it is that their wedding has brought it all full circle. But I’ll stop there because you probably get the picture: this couple, this wedding, this engagement session…it all means so much to me.

Christine and Baxter chose to have their session in the Kirkwood area of Atlanta, where they spend a lot of time and share so many memories together. We started the morning at Taproom Coffee, where they used to study for law school together. After finishing up there, we strolled along the streets of Kirkwood, stopping for photos along the way. I love how they chose the locations of their session based on meaning to their relationship. It’s always so special to photograph those kinds of sessions!