Jackson Street Bridge Proposal // Chase + Mikaylah


Atlanta, GA

Proposals are some of the most nerve wracking, yet exciting things that I get to photograph! When Chase contacted me this past January about photographing his proposal, I was SO excited! We planned to do it at Jackson Street Bridge on a Sunday evening, when Mikaylah thought they were just going on a nice date together. I arrived at Jackson Street Bridge early to figure out where to hide. This bridge is a popular spot for photographers, so I wouldn’t look out of the ordinary hanging around with a camera, however, I had met Mikaylah once before and wasn’t sure if she would recognize me or not! So, I decided to hang at a nearby “park” and told Chase to text me when they were at the bridge. About 5 minutes before they arrived, a HUGE group of motorcycles stopped on the bridge, taking up the entire view! I panicked a little, wondering if they would ever move…thankfully, they cleared out JUST IN TIME. Once I saw that Chase and Mikayla were set up on the bridge (they were taking polaroids of each other), I casually walked over to the other side of the bridge, and pretended like I was taking photos of the view. Once Chase saw me, he dropped to one knee and asked Mikaylah to be his wife! YAY! We spent some time after taking some photos around the area of the two of them. I love love love taking couples portraits right after proposals because the joy is just contagious! So happy for these two and their upcoming wedding!