Rainy Day Engagement Session // Katie + Nick


Greensboro, GA

Katie and Nick live in NYC, so we knew that scheduling their engagement session would be a challenge. Thankfully, Katie has family in South Carolina and they were going to be visiting over the holidays! They had ONE free day to do the shoot, and by some miracle I was available that day! We decided to find a halfway spot between Atlanta and where they were in South Carolina. The only problem was that the halfway mark between us was the middle of nowhere GA...AKA boring. I searched and searched the internet for location ideas with no success. After feeling a bit defeated, I realized I would actually be taking that same exact route for a wedding in Charleston that weekend…yaaaas!

So, on my way back from Charleston, I location scouted all around the midway point from Katie and myself and I found quite a few hidden gems! I sent photos of three spots that I had found to Katie to see how she felt about the locations and she loved all of them! So we of course HAD to shoot at all three because how were we supposed to only decide on one?! ;)

Fast forward to Black Friday, and I met up with Katie and Nick in Greensboro, GA for their session. We started the day at Lake Oconee and then adventured to other random spots I had found. It had been cold and rainy all day, but we literally had no other option because they were flying back to NYC early the next morning. We braved the cold and went for it! The rain held off for the majority of our shoot, but it did start sprinkling once we made it to the third location. Thankfully, it wasn’t too much rain, and Katie and Nick snuggled up together to keep each other warm.

I had the best time freezing my butt off with these two and I am so excited for their wedding up north this Fall! Also, Katie runs the cutest fashion blog and you guys should go check it out here!