Three Oaks Farm Wedding // Jacqueline + Patrick


What do you get when a California girl falls for a Georgia boy? PURE MAGIC. It's rare to have a wedding where every single part of the day runs smoothly. There is usually something that's challenging on my end (not bad, just challenging). Maybe we are behind schedule, or the lighting is really tough, or there is bad weather...there's usually something. But not this wedding. From start to finish, it felt like a walk in the park. I'm convinced that these two are magical fairies or something! ;)

Jaqueline + Patrick held their spring wedding at Three Oaks Farm on a sunny day in May. Jacqueline's attention to detail was impeccable...from her bridesmaids gifts, to  her accessories, to her whole vision for the day. She even added a piece of lace from her grandmother's dress into her dress. It was all so thought out and special.

One of my favorite moments from the day was when Patrick opened his gift from Jacqueline. She surprised him with his dream guitar, and her words about it miiiight have made me tear up a little:

"I gifted to my husband his dream guitar, one that he would never buy for himself. A Taylor 322 CE. Prior to our day we found out we were going to have a baby and we had also just purchased a home. I knew with these responsibilities and in always putting our marriage first, he’d put his hobbies and some of his passions second. I wanted him to know- his passion is my passion and I will take care of him as he has taken care of me. My vows were laced through the strings. I could hear him playing through the walls of the venue and I could feel his happiness in every strum. Best money I have ever spent or purchase I have ever made- which is exactly what he said about purchasing my engagement ring."

This wedding was one for the books and I'm so excited to share it with you guys! You can also check out the feature on Junebug Weddings HERE.